Applying Billight blocks on dials

Constantly in search of innovation, Billight invented a unique, patented 3D process, consisting of a luminescent material, that we apply to watch dials, bezels, hands, counters, apertures and more. We baptised them SLN Assemblies, SLN as in Super LumiNova.

Limitless creativity with Billight SLN blocks

According to your specifications, and the indications of your designers, our Techniques & Methods office will advise and guide you in creating many forms of 3D blocks: points, Roman numerals, Arabic numerals, drawings. Billight answers all types of requests in the field of watchmaking, by creating customised Billight SLN blocks, or even entire dials.
We thus apply all of our technological expertise and rigour in this objective.

Swiss Super Luminova, a luminescent raw material

Created from luminescent pigments, this powder is as hard as diamonds and as expensive as gold. With its exceptional night-time luminosity, it is particularly well adapted to the watchmaking industry and recharges in both artificial or natural light.

100% Swiss made, it is subject to ISO-3157 standards and is completely safe for both man and the environment. The minimum longevity of Super Luminova is 10 years and it may even have an infinite service life.

Super Luminova exists in 8 colours—green, pink, orange, blue, white, yellow, ultramarine or violet—and may look different in the sunlight than its night-time luminescence.


Our 100% Swiss made products, a pledge of high quality and innovation, meet the demands of top watchmaking brands.