Encapsulating the luminescent material, Swiss Super LumiNova, according to an exclusive process and with tools specially created by Billight—a unique, patented expertise that built the reputation of our brand. A must in the watchmaking world.

A patented luminescent mixture and a Billight exclusive offer

LumiNova luminescent powder, this precious Swiss made raw material, is the starting point of our activity. It undergoes a transformation that was specifically developed by Billight, and is protected by an exclusive patent. This mixture is created in a specially equipped room in order to guarantee the successful conduct of this essential step, in accordance with a defined quality process. The luminescent mixture is then obtained and encapsulated thanks to machines and tools designed by our Research & Development department.

Capsules to illuminate your watches from the outside!

In our machine workshop, a first machine preforms and cuts the capsule according to the predefined form. Then, a second machine pours the luminescent product into the capsule. A third machine then glues and wraps the Billight Super LumiNova capsule in a transparent polyester film, before the drying phase. Final step: blanking the capsules according the quantity ordered. They are then delivered as-is or else fitted by our services—glued or pad printed—according to our clients’ request. Our Billight capsules come in a range of different diameters and original forms—round or triangular—using luminous signs to highlight the cases and bezels of the watches. A luminescent process that is very popular for sports or diving watches, thanks to the excellent reliability in its implementation.


Our 100% Swiss made products, a pledge of high quality and innovation, meet the demands of top watchmaking brands.