Working closely with our Research & Development department, our Techniques & Methods office intervenes before the project, to define a creative process that will meet the challenge. Because understanding your request and giving it meaning are essential for Billight.

A global approach and a customised response

When we receive a request for an offer to create a watch, we take the necessary time to analyse the technical constraints of your specifications. This first step is essential to the success of your project. Whether it concerns fitting Billight 3D SLN blocks to dials and any other part of the watch or creating a luminescent design, we always approach the project as a whole. Understanding what the watch represents in the eyes of its creator is crucial. The role of our Techniques & Methods office is then to define all of the production means necessary to meet our clients’ expectations. For each project, we design the plans and create specific, customised tools.

Exchanges, optimisation and adaptation

Within the framework of a complex or technically difficult project to be implemented, our Techniques & Methods office is able to propose alternatives, while respecting your creation and your initial objectives. After many exchanges with the designers of the watch, in our offices in Satigny, we explain the Billight process, and the technical limitations to which we must adapt. We then explore the possible modifications, whether they be thickness, interior mechanics, or even certain parts. Because each project is unique, our Techniques & Methods office brings you personalised solutions.


Our 100% Swiss made products, a pledge of high quality and innovation, meet the demands of top watchmaking brands.