Traditional, manual, and penned application

In the Swiss made tradition, Billight offers unequalled and highly precise know-how. Today, the hand-penned application of the Swiss LumiNova luminescent mixture on watch dials and hands is a skill that is a greatly appreciated by the most prestigious names in the Swiss watchmaking industry.

A hand-penned application technique combining meticulousness and dexterity

On minuscule hour rollers, minute rollers and second markers, our skilled workshop employees’ expert hands apply the Super LumiNova in dial cases. Using a pen filled with the precious mixture, all of the dexterity of Billight’s personnel is called upon to insert the Luminova as deeply as possible, with precision and extreme finesse.

Luminova offers numerous creative possibilities to designers. It can also be used to underline the hands or to highlight the watchmakers brand.

This meticulous, highly precise job—performed by women of diverse backgrounds—requires the manual dexterity and finesse asked of an artist.

Each employee receives in-house training for several months because Billight’s activity is unique to the watchmaking world.

If learning our unique know-how in applying luminous material requires a long training period, it is because Billight developed a specific quality process that requires the intervention of highly experienced workers.

The satisfaction of our clients depends on the quality of our work, and at Billight, we remain very attached to Swiss made values: tradition, reliability and precision.


Our 100% Swiss made products, a pledge of high quality and innovation, meet the demands of top watchmaking brands.